The origin of Thomas Greg & Sons dates back to the middle of last century, starting as a subsidiary of the Thomas De la Rue & Company Ltd., of England.

It began activities in the area of security printing and, later, it developed the area of security transportation and cash management, as well as currier services. In 1991, De La Rue abandoned its activities in Latin America; from then on the company transformed itself into THOMAS GREG & SONS, expanding its range of services and products, adjusting the given historic experience to the necessities of the country where it had developed its operations. Then came a geographic expansion, after having identified partners and local companies in each one of the countries where it now operates.

The leadership the company had acquired from its beginning in securities printing and cash management started to extend into areas of communication, logistics and information management, where the combination of technology and experience allow it to offer integral solutions to the clients which the Company has the privilege to serve.

Thomas Greg & Sons has delved into fields related of collection for Financial Institutions and Toll Concessions; it has developed technology, the programs and applications required for the control of such processes, which allow it to offer comprehensive solutions.

In the field of Technical Information Management it covers all the handling, care and protection of documents which it processes and archives, according to the needs of each client.
Success has come thanks to the trust our clients have put in us and to the excellence in performing the task that has been handed to us, which is our highest reputation. Operations embrace developments in the fields of bamboo pulp and paper production in China, a fundamental material in the printing process, which continues to be one of the main activities of the group.

Thomas Greg & Sons is a dynamic company, willing to face the challenges of the market and take up the opportunities that come its way for the benefit of its clients and partners.